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GenCon 2011!

So this was my first GenCon and I had a total blast going! I drove out with 3 other friends from only took like 36 hours :/ Anyways ways here are just a few pics that I took there. Mostly I played warmachine the whole time and took a shift of doing Demos at the Privateer Press booth. Privateer Press GenCon blog

I managed to win Best painted army in the Hardcore tournament along with 2nd place best battle group and 3rd place best unit in their painting comp. Though I just entered some stuff out of my army bag that was I was playing with. Next year though I will come with projects painted just for the painting comp!

I managed to play a 100 point game too with both of us having fully painted stuff. He was playing Seerforge (dwarfs) and it was quite the force to behold. Thankfully the game only took like 1.5 hours since we started at like 11 pm.

OH! and I got Matt Wilson to draw on my bag too!


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