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Phoenix Open WMW Qualifier Tournament.

Phoenix Open was Sept. 5th-7th. I was recruited to help run the event along with William Rutan. We both had a great time seeing everyone and watching them test their prowess against each other!

We had a total of 44 players. The first day everyone played in the masters qualifier. Day two consisted of an eight man finals and a 35 point tournament for everyone else.

You can watch the recordings of the games here.  

Ending day one, we had eight people move onto Masters Finials. 


Brian Marino -Legion
Matthew Shoup -Khador
Jason Flanzer -Trollbloods
Kevin Rodgers -Mercs
Inyoung Whang -Khador
James Bannan -Cryx
Bret Fogel -Circle 
Dan Yount -Circle


Going into Sundays Masters Finals was a tough field. At the end of the day Brian Marino was able to pull through for the big win. Though luckily for Dan Yount both Brian and Bret are already qualified, so the invitational ticket fell to third place. We had a TON of prize support. Over $800 for the weekend. 

I want to thank Imperial Outpost for graciously hosting the event and for providing such great prize support. Also Broken Egg games for providing $100 in gift certificates and Black Sheep Industries for $200 that were given out to random participants. 

Masters Finals

1st place Brian Marino $300 Certificate

2nd Place Bret Fogel $180 Certificate

3rd Place Dan Yount  $100 Certificate WMW qualifier ticket

35 point Sunday SR

1st Scott Chandler -Khador $120 Certificate

2nd Bruce Montgomery -Cryx $80 Certificate

3rd Colin Miller -Trollbloods

I want to thank everyone that took the time to come out and participate. I had a great time seeing everyone I and hope to see some of you at LVO!