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Painting Swirling Smoke Trails

The following is a tutorial on how to paint the Figure Painters swirling smoke trails that are compatible with Privateer Press's Infernal Grievers.

You can find the smoke trails for purchase in the Figure Painters Store

Here are the colors I used. Most of the work is done with an Airbrush. You can replicate this with similar colors and a brush if you do not have access to an airbrush.


First step is basing the lower half of the smoke in blood red.


Using the orange to highlight the center of the swirls.


Next is starting to build up the grey smoke colors. Using zenithal painting (using the airbrush pointing down from the top of the model) apply the first lighter grey color (Desolated beach). The top portion will be all grey. As you work your way down, try to keep the grey to just the raised areas of the swirls. This will help make it look like it is glowing inside.


Using a darker grey (Charred Stone) apply the next layer. Cover most of the lighter grey with it. But make sure to leave a little still showing to start working up the glow effect. Make sure to leave a little bit of red under the swirls.


Using the next darker grey (Coal) apply the next shade. Apply less so there is still some of the previous grey showing.


And now the final shading, black. Make sure not to go overboard with this one.


With all this aribrushing, a lot of the cracks that we want to glow have been filled in. Using Mephiston red, go back with a brush and paint in the cracks to bring back the inner glow.


And all cleaned up. Good luck, and happy painting!

Tyson KochComment