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Painted Super Dungeon Explore!

I completed painting my Super Dungeon Explore this week and had a chance to play it Friday with 5 friends and it was a ton of fun. I maybe would not recommend playing with 6 people your first game as it will take quite a while to finish that first game when no one knows how to play! Anyways, we made our way through and by the end everyone had figured out what things did and started stacking combos. Playing brought back memories of dungeon craw video games of yesteryear.

We played with the normal board tiles that come with it. I took the pictures though with the Descent board tiles that I have made. I think I will be making a custom board that looks like the tiles for this too :)

If you have a chance or know anyone that has Super Dungeon Explore I would recommend giving it a whirl.

You can see pics of the board and mini's HERE.