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Lots of traffic of the Super Dungeon Explore boards :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I spent it running games at our local Super Winter Mini con. There was a Warmachine Domination release event that I ran. (BTW I am a PP Pressganger too. Pg_Menelker), Warhammer 40k Tournament, Malafaux tournament (Which I won. Yeh Neverborn!) and of course Super Dungeon Explore!

People had a blast playing on the 3D boards.I have to say they they are holding up nicely and people seem to love playing on them. It is fun seeing people walk into a con, see this bright red thing from across the room and walk over ignoring everything else and ask "What the heck is this?" Usually I would reply with, "Have you ever played Gauntlet? and most of the time they would say "What is that?"

Usually I would reply with "Damn kids, know your history!" Well at least I would in my head. After that I would go on to explain it and see if I could get them to play. It made for a fun weekend.

Also on the SDE front I did an interview for Table Top Geeks for the 3D Super Dungeon Explore Boards. You can see it here.

Also Soda Pop and Cool Mini or Not picked up the pictures and posts on their Facebook pages :)

I have more SDE stuff to come. Just need to get caught up on some painting......

Finished 3D Painted Super Dungeon Explore boards

I have my Super Dungeon Explore boards all finished up! Just in time for the Mini Convention we are having at Cal Poly this weekend. I still have to make a board for the loot tracking, but that can wait till next week.

You can see more pics of them here

The new pictures are the red ones farther down the page. The brown ones are my Descent boards that I was using as a stand in for pics of the minis.


Super Dungeon Explore custom boards

I am getting closer to having my custom Super Dungeon Explore boards finished. I have them all base coated with the red/orange theme I am going to be using. Some of the boards closely duplicate what came with the game and others I have just built on the fly. Now I just need to go in and do all the highlighting, lighting effects and lava. They should be a blast to play on once I get them all finished up!

Right now they are a little shiny from the spray paint, but that will be dulled down for the final product which will let them photograph much better too.

I one of the pictures you can see our bunny Cricket running around too.

Got more Hydrostone!

I finaly tracked down some more hydrostone locally. Shipping on this stuff is more than double the product cost so on-line realy was not an option. I picked up a 100lb bag so I should be good for a while. Now it is back to casting parts for my Super Dungeon Explore boards. I have a covention I will be running it at next weekend so I need to get busy if I am going to finish 5 boards in 10 days!


Super dungeon explore custom boards


In the evenings when I am not painting I have been working on some custom Super Dungeon Explore boards. I have two that are assembled and I am starting to paint them and two more that are in progress. I ran out of plaster so I am waiting on some more before I can finish up the boards I started and make some more.

Super dungeon Explore Board

Painted Super Dungeon Explore!

I completed painting my Super Dungeon Explore this week and had a chance to play it Friday with 5 friends and it was a ton of fun. I maybe would not recommend playing with 6 people your first game as it will take quite a while to finish that first game when no one knows how to play! Anyways, we made our way through and by the end everyone had figured out what things did and started stacking combos. Playing brought back memories of dungeon craw video games of yesteryear.

We played with the normal board tiles that come with it. I took the pictures though with the Descent board tiles that I have made. I think I will be making a custom board that looks like the tiles for this too :)

If you have a chance or know anyone that has Super Dungeon Explore I would recommend giving it a whirl.

You can see pics of the board and mini's HERE.

Casting of Menoth Battle Engine base

So I spent this a day weekend casting up a whole bunch of stuff for ext years Bay Area Open Tournament. And while I was at I worked on the casting for my Menoth battle engine. The purpose of casting up a clear base is to I can light the flames up like the inside of the battle engine and I will just paint over what ever parts I don't want light showing through.

I don't have pics for the first few steps but I can at least describe them. First off it got glued down to the wood and then wrapped some plasticard around it to build it up the dam for the mould. After spraying it down with release the rubber was mixed up and brushed onto the flames to make sure all the cracks were covered. Then I poured the rest in.

Once that had set up (about a day) I poured plaster into the rest of the mold to act as a leveler when it was flipped over.

Here you can see the mold once the plaster had dried.

Once that was all dry here is it after the dam was taken off.

After that the rubber got peeled off.

Next up was pouring the clear resin in. After mixing it in a plastic cup it got degassed in a vacuum chamber then poured some into the flames. This then went into the degasser to get all the air out of the flames.

After that I filled the rest up with clear resin and put a sheet of plexie over the top and let it sit to cure. I used a light to medium amount of hardener to it will take a day or two to cure up. So hopefully by the end of the week I will have something to show.