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Off to Disneyland!

Sorry for the lack of updates the last week or so. Been super busy painting and have lots to post up. But right now here is something a little more "fun".

For my wife's birthday we took off on a surprise trip for three days.

We stayed in a house in the Malibu hills for the weekend and the weather was perfect.

First day we went to the Getty Museum and had a great day walking around and looking at all the art. Unfortunately the lower gardens were close. So I guess we will just have to go back again.

Then for day 2 and three we headed off to Disneyland. Now my wife LOVES Disneyland, like squee like a little girl loves Disneyland. It was a surprise and she did not know we were going. I had her convinced that we were going some where else. Even when I got off the freeway at the Disneyland exit she thought I was screwing with here. Anyways, once I pulled in to park it sunk in that this was actually where we were going and the squeeing commenced. We had a great time and got in over 29 hours of Disneyland in 2 days and still ran out of time!

Well, back to painting!

Malibu house backyard.

Day 2 California Adventure: