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Colossals Release event with two Mountain Kings

I recently ran the Privateer Press Colossals Release Event for my local players. One of our players had a Mountain King too. So we played a 5 player, 35 point, battle group only free for all. My battle group consisted of eDoomy and two Mountain Kings. Between the ton of health they have, the ability regen quite a bit with the whelps and eDoomies spells it was a quite nasty battle group.

I really enjoyed playing with them both and it was fun watching peoples faces when I put them down. The only problem I really had was keeping eDoomy protected since I just had the two Gargantuans to try and keep stuff from getting to him.

Clash for a Cure

Clash for a Cure who donates proceeds to the American Cancer Society is putting on a weekend of gaming next month. I have painted up one of the new Ashlynn models and a matching Vanguard for their raffle.

I also sent over a bunch of resin base sets to be given away. 

If you happen to be going I hope you have a great time!

Off to Disneyland!

Sorry for the lack of updates the last week or so. Been super busy painting and have lots to post up. But right now here is something a little more "fun".

For my wife's birthday we took off on a surprise trip for three days.

We stayed in a house in the Malibu hills for the weekend and the weather was perfect.

First day we went to the Getty Museum and had a great day walking around and looking at all the art. Unfortunately the lower gardens were close. So I guess we will just have to go back again.

Then for day 2 and three we headed off to Disneyland. Now my wife LOVES Disneyland, like squee like a little girl loves Disneyland. It was a surprise and she did not know we were going. I had her convinced that we were going some where else. Even when I got off the freeway at the Disneyland exit she thought I was screwing with here. Anyways, once I pulled in to park it sunk in that this was actually where we were going and the squeeing commenced. We had a great time and got in over 29 hours of Disneyland in 2 days and still ran out of time!

Well, back to painting!

Malibu house backyard.

Day 2 California Adventure:




Cleaned up my painting desk

So I finally got fed up with the mess that was my desk and not having any space to work. It is not like I sit here every day or anything.....

So here is a before and after shot. SO MUCH better. Though I still did not have enough room for all my paints. But this helps a ton and hopefully I can keep them from just migrating down onto the desk.

Though I have resigned myself to the inevitable earthquake that is going to knock them all down. And I still need to work on the mess underneath, but one project at a time!