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Casting of Menoth Battle Engine base

So I spent this a day weekend casting up a whole bunch of stuff for ext years Bay Area Open Tournament. And while I was at I worked on the casting for my Menoth battle engine. The purpose of casting up a clear base is to I can light the flames up like the inside of the battle engine and I will just paint over what ever parts I don't want light showing through.

I don't have pics for the first few steps but I can at least describe them. First off it got glued down to the wood and then wrapped some plasticard around it to build it up the dam for the mould. After spraying it down with release the rubber was mixed up and brushed onto the flames to make sure all the cracks were covered. Then I poured the rest in.

Once that had set up (about a day) I poured plaster into the rest of the mold to act as a leveler when it was flipped over.

Here you can see the mold once the plaster had dried.

Once that was all dry here is it after the dam was taken off.

After that the rubber got peeled off.

Next up was pouring the clear resin in. After mixing it in a plastic cup it got degassed in a vacuum chamber then poured some into the flames. This then went into the degasser to get all the air out of the flames.

After that I filled the rest up with clear resin and put a sheet of plexie over the top and let it sit to cure. I used a light to medium amount of hardener to it will take a day or two to cure up. So hopefully by the end of the week I will have something to show.