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Making an India themed finals table for Las Vegas Open

I will be doing a special board for the Las Vegas Open too! It will be similar in style to the WTC tables that had a main 4x4 play section and two side boards that are all built up and scenic. 

It will be and India temple themed board. So lots of temples that are overgrown with roots and cool statues. 

So something along this theme. 


And here are the statues I am making a bunch of.  I made a mold of some metal statues, then made Hydrostone copies of them. This will let me break them up too as needed.


On the left is going to be a large cliff that the statues will be carved into. On top of the cliff will be some trees. There will also be large trees on the side boards that look like this.


There will be a path way that leads up to the statues and the pool that is below the big face in the center.

On the right will be a valley entrance kinda setup with the cliffs and a path the leads between them flanked by statues.

There will also be ruined temples and such. The white pipe you see if the core of one of the trees for a sense of scale.

The main play area of the table is going to be flat with movable obstructions, walls, forests and such that are themed to the table. I plan on making themed zones for this table too if I have time. They would be thin laser cut zones with rune etching and they would match the feel of the board. So no brown felt zones to ruin the look!

The pathway is made with Hirst arts stone pavers. I broke them up and routered out depressions in the table for them to go into. 


Jumping ahead a little bit. After layering up the foam board, I carved it up using a compination of hot wire cutter and long sharp knife. After that I textured the faces with concreet patch. This will give it some texture along with toughening up the surface. 

The verticals trees are first made with 2" PVC pipe, then I used gauze bandage dipped in plaster and draped them around the pipes. To make the roots I twirled up the plaster gause and starting draping them on. As I would going along I used a brush and some water to help clean up the dripping plaster. 


Some of the statues in their alcoves. For the texture on the flat surfaces I put down a thick layer of paint and covered it with sand. I just use cheap latex house paint. It is nice and turable and thick enough for sand to stick to easily. 


So the terraining part of the side board is mostly done here.


First I painted the board with a coat of latex paint and covered it with sand. Once that was dry I brushed it off and covered it with another coat of paint. This seals in the sand nicely and makes the play surface nice and tough.

Adding some color variation to the table using green and brown washes. I made the washes with cheap craft paint and water. You don't need anything fance for terrain tables.

Dry brushed the surface sand to bring out the texture, along with painting the trees brown. 

Rocks washed and highlighted along with the trees highlight.


Shot of the table before grass and bushes.


The tables are almost finished up. I just have to finish the water effects and some small details. Pictures with the grass and clump foliage added.


Added some green flocking to the statues for some moss.


Side frame painted a dark green/black color. I like having something not pure black to paint the borders with so they don't contrast the table too badly.

The bottom of the pond painted and moss added where the water wil be trickling from the face.

Some of the terrain objstructions for the table. 


Got the scenic table to Las Vegas Open all finished up! One of the goals of it was to have an easily playable surface for it. So the play surface is a little simpler. 

For next year I REALLY liked the Cryx necrite mining field WMW did. So I might take direct inspiration from that. It would still be a "flat" playing surface but with all the recessed pipes with grating over them it would add a lot of depth to the table. Maybe even add some lights!