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Making a Table War magnetized Convergence of Cyriss Caring case

A little project for my self. I have a Table War case that my Convergence lives in and I wanted to spruce it up a little bit. 

The logo itself has been water jet out of a stainless steel plate.

Here is it back from water jet cutting.


Edges are still kinda sharp and will need some filing/sanding. 


Files and belt sander used to smooth out the edges. Most likely the symbol will be rubbing against things so it needs to be smooth so not to snag on cloths and such.



Symbol laid out on the front of the Table War case as a test fit. The Symbol itself is 12" in dia. 



The case front has a little bit of a bow to it. So I will have to clamp the symbol down when I attach it.


A bit of a jump ahead. The first time I tried to attach it I had some books stacked on it. When I came back a few hours later the the symbol had slid and was all off center. So I ripped it all off, cleaned up the glue and did it again. 

I used a clear adhesive that has a little flex in it once it drys. This way as the case flexes and things rub again the symbol it should stay attached.



I used a 2x4 with clamps to hold it down so it would not move. I also used magnets around the edge to help hold those down too. If I had more larger clamps I probably would have used a few more 2x4s instead. 


After it had set for about 12 hours I took off the board. Some of the glue had seeped out some. But that is not a problem. With an exacto blade I can just separate it from the symbol and it just peels off.


All cleaned up. The pencil marks are what I use the align all the parts. I could have cheated and had supports running between the different pieces to keep them all together and aligned, but I figured the extra work need to have the floating would end up looking better. 


Glued on and ready to get masked off for painting. 



Covered the Symbol in painters tape. Using an exacto knife I am going to trim it so it is just covering the logo itself. 


All trimmed up and ready for painting. 


First I covered the surface with a matt clear coat to use it as a kind of primer. I did not want to use a traditional primer so I could keep the finish that the case comes with. 

Next I got out my airbrush and applied a color that is similar to the P3 arcane blue.



Next is a lighter blue to increase the effect of the glue.


Another picture with it outside. There was some painting over spray dust on the the surface from airbrushing so I carefully wiped it down with a rag.I applied 3 coats of clear coat to hopefully add some durability to the paint job as it is only acrylic paint. I you wanted you could use some plastic typed spray paint to do a solid glow that faded out from the inside. You would still want some clear coat on it after. 


Started peeling off the masking tape. I did not score around the edge so some of the tape started taking some paint along with it! So I re-masked the area and fixed the paint. Then I took and exacto blade and scored along the edges of the symbol to separate the paint from the tape.



All the masking take peeled off!


Front View. 


Here is the inside of the case with the horde of Convergence.



View of the case closed.


Front view.